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Learn the Bible in a Day

The Bible tells a story. You can understand it.

The Bible is a library of books about a host of people, places, and times. It can be a lot.

But it’s also a book that tells one overarching story. And when you know that story, everything comes alive!

Often the way we encounter the Bible is in small pieces. The story of David one day, maybe Esther the next, and then maybe back to Moses. But how do all of these people and stories fit together and why does it matter?

The Story of God is a one-day intensive taught by ClearView’s lead minister, John Hawkins, where you’ll learn the whole biblical story from Genesis to Revelation told as an easy-to-remember story with 7 chapters. That’s right – if you can remember 7 words, you can understand the flow of the Bible. Or to switch metaphors – once you see the forest, you can make sense of all the trees.

If you’re ready to understand and love the Bible like never before, this is the class for you. Sign up below to learn The Story of God.


  • Saturday, Feb 25
  • LSUS, in the University Center
  • 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (with time for lunch and plenty of stretch breaks)
  • Free! All materials provided. RSVP below