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Trios + Rooted

This fall you’re invited to join a Trio and participate in our first-ever whole-church group study – Rooted.

What is Rooted?

Rooted is a new, 9-week study that combines video teaching by John Hawkins and group discussion to deepen your faith in Jesus and your connections with others. We’ll talk about who God is and why we trust him, our calling as followers of Jesus, and our mission as the church.

Think of it as Theology 101 + ClearView 101!

For the first time ever, our whole church will be sharing the same group study at the same time. Imagine the potential of all of us thinking, talking and praying together about what matters most. Imagine the faith that will grow when we’re rooted in Christ and the church.

What is a Trio?

It’s 3 people, couples, or families who meet together 3 times a month for friendship, prayer, and study. In this season of uncertainty, we need a few good friends doing life with us.

Because of its small size, your Trio can communicate easily and adapt on the fly. One Trio might meet in person and share a meal, another might show up for each other through FaceTime. Whatever your preferences and schedule, there’s a Trio for you!

Trios begin in September. Don’t miss this opportunity – Join a Trio to be part of the Rooted study!