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Our Story

Hi, We’re ClearView

Looking for a church? A place to explore or grow your faith? Somewhere you really belong? Welcome!

Here’s our story so far and a video of what others have found at ClearView. Seeing Jesus changes everything. And everyone. We hope you’ll join us soon!

Living. Breathing. Beautiful.


The Bible talks about the church as a body – a living, breathing, local embodiment of Jesus Christ. From where we’re standing, that makes perfect sense.

Not that long ago, ClearView was just an idea. A prompting we felt. A big pile of prayers, question marks, and “what if’s?”

But today ClearView is a heart that beats with love for God and others. It’s hands that serve. Feet that go. Arms that hold.

It’s a body. And it’s beautiful.

YMCA Camp Forbing

ClearView launched October 24, 2010. We were about 40 people with a shared dream – a church where everyone could get a “clear view” of Jesus. Many of our friends and neighbors had been burned by religion, kept their distance from church, or had only a fuzzy idea of what the gospel is all about.

So we kept things authentic and simple. We pledged to focus on what matters most and to get involved in our community in meaningful ways.

Until March 16, 2014 we met at the YMCA Camp Forbing on Ellerbe Road. It felt relaxed – not intimidating in the least – and that beginning has permanently shaped our personality.

As we grew, we knew another step was needed, and after much prayer and searching, the opportunity to meet in the University Center Theater on the campus of LSU Shreveport came at the perfect time.


March 23, 2014 began a second chapter for ClearView. The move to LSUS gave us much needed empty seats and improved spaces for kids. We learned to see each empty seat as an opportunity for someone to see Jesus.

And what we’re learning is that seeing Jesus changes everything – and everyone. On any given Sunday folks who’ve never been to church before gather with those from every church background you can imagine, and worship as one. On any given week, just as many people gather in small groups, around tables in homes throughout Shreveport-Bossier to invest in life-giving friendships. And near and far, we’re invested in doing good.

ClearView: A Work in Progress

And just as much as the day we started, Jesus is our only hope! One of our frequent jokes – a sort of unofficial motto – goes like this, “Welcome to ClearView; we’ll get it right next time!” We are not the perfect church. There’s not a single perfect person among us. But there is joy in the journey of following Jesus and being changed by Him.

If you’re also a work in progress, come on. We think you’ll find a family where you truly belong, space to explore the depths of God’s grace, motivation to live for others, not just yourself, and genuine transformation in your life. But most of all, we hope you see Jesus.