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Around the world, adequate medical care can be scarce. Many children have no choice but to wait and to suffer the effects of a treatable condition. Cure International is a Christian medical non-profit operating a network of charitable chldren’s hospitals around the world and providing care for conditions like burns, bowed legs, cleft lip, cleft palate, club foot, and hydrocephalus.

In 2023 we announced a partnership with Cure called Changing Stories. Thanks to your generosity, ClearView was able to donate $7,500, sponsoring life-changing surgeries for 5 children, including Brian, an infant in Uganda, pictured above.

Now that some time has passed, we’re able to show you the incredible results of this campaign! Visit to learn more about Brian and to see more before and after stories.

Thank you for your generosity and your prayers on behalf of these children. We give thanks to God for his goodness and the opportunity to share with others.