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This year has been, in a word, unexpected. From the beginning, though, the unexpected has been more the rule than the exception. God’s people have found themselves trapped between a sea they can’t cross and an army they can’t defeat, swallowed up by a whale or thrown in a lion’s den, imprisoned, shipwrecked, and exiled far from home. And the consistent witness of those who’ve gone before us is that God does his best work in the unexpected. No matter what changes, he remains the same. We live–listen up all you planners out there–by faith, not by sight. In the unexpected, we face our doubts. And in the unexpected we find our faith. In the unexpected, we’re afraid. And in the unexpected we’re saved. In this crazy year, we can draw closer to God. We can be persuaded that his ways > our ways. So let’s celebrate the God who comes through in the most unexpected ways.

Messages in Unexpected