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Series: The People You Hate

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The People You Hate

August 7 2022 - August 29 2022

Remember Jonah? The kid’s story about a guy sent to big, bad Nineveh but too scared to go? About how God punished him by having a big fish swallow him up until he had a complete change of heart? If you’ve heard it once, you’ve probably heard it 100 times. The only problem is, that’s not the story. Jonah isn’t a kid’s story, he doesn’t have a change of heart, and God was never punishing him. But most importantly… Jonah is not scared. He’s hateful. Come hear the real story of Jonah, a story about us and the people we hate. It’s a story about how we can frustrate God more than all those terrible sinners we’re so worried about. It’s a story about our calling, why we run from it, and how God responds. And it’s a story that leads us to Jesus, the one who loves you… and the people you hate.

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The People You Hate

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