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Series: Staying Power

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Staying Power

September 11 2023 - October 2 2023

Our world is convinced the good life is built on mobility. We switch jobs and cities and neighbors and churches at a head-spinning pace. We move. A lot. And we want everything right now. We don’t want to wait. We want results and we want them now. And while we all like to have options and enjoy our freedom, perhaps you’re noticing that constant movement makes for one shaky foundation. Perhaps you’re feeling like constantly being on-the-go isn’t making your life better, just scattered. Anxious. Frenetic. Counter to all of this is the idea that the good life is built, instead, on stability. Like trees planted by streams of water, we only grow and flourish when we’re rooted. Rooted in God. Rooted in relationships. Rooted in community. Jesus may call you to go, but first he calls you to come. He invites you to stay with him and discover a deep, centered life borne out of a soul at peace. Let’s hear that invitation and consider how to live in his way. But this series is also for those with doubts and those deconstructing their faith. If you’re wondering whether or not to stay Christian, we want to help you weigh your options and see your way to a deeper, more centered faith. We can live centered lives in frenetic times. Jesus will be our guide.

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