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Series: Look. Follow. Repeat.

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Look. Follow. Repeat.

January 8 2024 - February 5 2024

Once upon a time there were people just like you and me – they had jobs and kids, woke up with bedhead, went to sleep with worries about tomorrow, and in between wrestled the big questions of life: Who am I? And what am I doing with my life? And then Jesus said two simple words, and everything changed: “Follow me.” Well, everything started to change. It’s a process, you know. But suddenly they had a new opportunity: to do life with Jesus. Instead of figuring it all out on their own, they could learn from him. And what these folks who were just like you and me discovered is that it’s a lot easier to figure out who you are when you know who He is. And it’s a lot clearer what to do with your life when you see what he does with his life. And you can discover the same. Whether exploring faith for the first time or looking to get out of a rut and break through to a new level of joy and purpose, we want to invite you to see Jesus clearly and follow Jesus fully. In our new series LOOK. FOLLOW. REPEAT. we’ll talk about how to live your whole life with Jesus, from the big questions of our identity to the minutia of our daily routines. Don’t do life on your own. Don’t stop where you are. Discover the rhythms of following Jesus and become all God made you to be.

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