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Lion Lamb Donkey Elephant

With the 2020 presidential election around the corner, we need to talk about politics, but not in the way you might expect – or fear. What we need is not one more push to be a donkey or an elephant. No, what we need is a reminder that we are neither – That as Christians, our primary allegiance is to following Jesus, the Lion and the Lamb. Our primary political goal is for his administration, his kingdom, to come and his policy, his will, to be done. In other words, the most important decision before us is not a donkey versus elephant vote, but our identity and witness as lion & lamb people in a donkey & elephant world. To be sure, we live in very politicized times. And political decisions, differences, and divisions matter. But even in the midst of debates, attack ads and social media mobs, we can follow the way of Jesus. We can find and encourage the peace of God. This election season, we face an eternally important decision, and it’s not the one between Candidate A and Candidate B.

Messages in Lion Lamb Donkey Elephant