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Series: How To Do New

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How To Do New

January 9 2023 - February 6 2023

Maybe you’re starting this year with a resolution in mind, …or with a vague sense that something should change, …or with memories of too many resolutions that have come and gone. We’re bombarded with messages of “new year, new you!” but is it true? Change is hard. Often it feels like “present you” and “future you” don’t see eye to eye, and “new” remains frustratingly out of reach. But in the Bible, “new” is a big deal. Jesus comes with a new message, calls us to a new life, and says he’s making all things new. What if we just don’t know how to do new? And what if Jesus does? Whether you’d like to see a little progress or a total transformation, this series is for you. Start the new year with a new perspective on how real and lasting change really happens and with next steps in mind to pursue not just a resolution but Jesus himself and the new life he offers. The way of Jesus is your best hope for a new you! Let’s learn from the expert how to do new.

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