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Series: Forgiven

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March 18 2024 - April 1 2024

Forgiveness. Is there anything harder? Perhaps you find it hard to forgive someone. You hear breezy suggestions of “letting it go,” and you try, but it feels heavier than that. If they only knew what had been done to you… Or perhaps you find it hard to forgive yourself. Mistakes, betrayals, patterns of behavior – you’ve hurt those you care about. Again, the casual talk of “moving on” and “putting the past behind you” doesn’t cut it. If they only knew what you had done… And these are just the objections in your head! Outside of ourselves, it gets even more complicated – Do I have to forgive if they don’t ask? If they haven’t earned it? Does forgiveness mean forgetting? Does it mean reconciling? And more than ever, forgiveness is being questioned on a systemic or cultural level. What about justice? Doesn’t forgiveness get in the way? Doesn’t it empower more hurt and abuse? For all these reasons and more, forgiveness is hard. But survey the headlines on a given day, or the fires always raging on social media, or even the frayed edges of your own relationships, and you’ll discover yes, there is something harder than forgiving – not.

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