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April 17 2023 - May 8 2023

You are created to create, and whether you think of yourself as creative or not, you’re capable of making things that make the world better. What things? That’s the fun of it. We’re all different. One person creates with words, another with spreadsheets. One with tools another with brushes. We create with our voices, our eyes, our hands, our habits, our thoughts, and our relationships. But no matter what you’re here to create, we all face the same resistance – Fear that tells us to never start. Perfectionism that tells us to never let go. And the ever-present temptations to consume and criticize instead of making anything ourselves. So let’s talk about how to be creative, how our creativity comes from God and our connection to the divine, and how our faith finds outlets in all that we make. And let’s learn from one another. Each week we’ll be joined by a local, professional creative who will share their work and process. We’ll hear from a mixed-media artist, an author/illustrator, a social entrepreneur, and an international opera and concert soprano – who all live and create here in Shreveport-Bossier! You don’t want to miss!

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