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March 14 2022 - April 25 2022

Can a thinking person really be a Christian? We’re skeptical. To some, faith and reason are exclusive, science and religion are at war, and believers are anti-intellectual. But there’s a better way. Faith and reason can come together, not for a debate but a collaboration. Many today would say that their Christian faith has come from facing, not avoiding, the hard questions. They would say faith is a worldview that makes sense, helping them understand the world around them, their interior world, their purpose, and their struggles. In other words, they believe, yes, but they believe something that’s reasonable to believe. It makes sense. It’s believable. In this series, let’s look at what Christians believe and how the Christian faith – even today – provides a credible worldview that’s attractive and meaningful to many thoughtful people. Whether you’re a Christian or not, this series is for you. If you’re a believer, this will be a chance to wrestle with some hard questions and deepen your faith. And if you’re skeptical of faith, the church, or the Bible, this will be a pressure-free environment for you to hear the reasons for belief. Faith is a matter of the heart, yes, but no one should leave their brain behind. When you really think about it, you may be surprised how much sense faith makes.

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