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Series: As-Is Christmas

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As-Is Christmas

November 29 2020 - December 13 2020

Let me go out on a limb: This year might not be your dream Christmas. Sure, there’s always a gap between the perfect Christmas of our imaginations and the one that actually plays out in our homes. But this year, that gap might as well be the Grand Canyon. If this Christmas came with a tag on it, it would read “AS IS.” If you’re browsing at a thrift shop and see an item sold “as is,” you know it’s not guaranteed to be in perfect shape. There might be crack in it, or a loose thread. The remote might be missing or one of the lights has burned out. It just is what it is. This Christmas may not be all you dream. Will you celebrate anyway? The first Christmas bore little resemblance to Mary & Joseph’s designs. Maybe there’s never been such a thing as a perfect Christmas, and maybe imperfection is the point. Christmas is about God coming to us here in the messiness of real life. He’s with us whether our days are merry and bright or droopy and dim. No matter where we are, no matter what goes wrong, God is really with us. And that’s worth celebrating. Will you join us? Let’s look for the joy of an “as is” Christmas.

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