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August 16 2020 - September 20 2020

In moments when I don’t know what to say, and I feel like a total prayer-novice, it’s comforting to know that even Jesus’ closest followers wanted some guidance. It’s not that they had never prayed before. But however they prayed, they didn’t pray like Jesus. They must have heard something different in how Jesus talked with God, something unusual, but also compelling. And so they asked – How do we do it? How do we pray like you? In response, Jesus offered a short prayer – known as The Lord’s Prayer or The Our Father – that’s both honest and inspiring. For 2,000 years it’s been repeated and memorized. It has served the church and helped sinners and saints alike feel the presence of God. And it might just be the prayer you need right now. The Lord’s Prayer is a gift for us so we can talk to God as wholeheartedly as Jesus did. So that we can have the right words in this season when none of us have the right words. So that even when you don’t have a prayer – you do.

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