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Series: The Kids Are Gonna Be Okay

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The Kids Are Gonna Be Okay

August 7 2023 - August 28 2023

We all know that “kids will be kids,” but what else will they be? As parents, there are countless moments, we’re just sure they’re gonna change the world, achieve their dreams, and live happy, peaceful lives. Scientists and presidents, inventors and artists – the sky is the limit! Worry seems to be part of being a parent too, though. And there are lots of other moments where we fear the worst. What if something happens to them? What if I’m messing them up? What if… What if… What if… This month we want to speak to parents – and all who wrestle with fear or worry about the future – words of encouragement, comfort, and blessing. We know who holds tomorrow. We know who holds our children. We know who holds us. With frank discussion and helpful insights about mental health, technology, and spiritual formation, this series will equip you to parent well in anxious times.

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Messages in The Kids Are Gonna Be Okay