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Table Talk

May 22 2023 - June 19 2023

Every night, all around the world, parents call out to their kids, “Come to the table.” After that, it’s anyone’s guess. Sometimes dinnertime is a mad rush. Sometimes a big argument comes out of nowhere. Sometimes the kids just. Won’t. Eat. But other times, everyone lingers, the food is sensational, maybe friends come over, and you wouldn’t trade the laughter and conversation at that table for all the money in the world. The table is more than food. It represents family and friendship, welcome and belonging, nourishment and satisfaction. No wonder Jesus spent so much of his (limited) time on earth lingering at the table. For Jesus, it was where he welcomed sinners, taught his disciples, and even faced his accusers. For us, it can be both where we encounter the risen Lord and where we extend his love to others. Join us as we start the summer looking at the meals Jesus shared with others in Luke & Acts. We’ll talk about why the church remembers Jesus in a meal – of all things – to this day, a meal called communion. And we’ll talk about what God does when we practice communion and hospitality and reconciliation in all of our lives as followers of Jesus.

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