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Series: Reality According To God

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Reality According To God

March 6 2023 - April 3 2023

When God first entered into a covenant with his people, he gave them some instructions. They’re familiar, even simple – Don’t steal. Don’t kill. Take a break... They were able to fit on two stone tablets, the world’s first top-10 list. But in those few words, people glimpsed a view of reality better than they’d ever seen before, a reality where peace could flourish and relationships could be counted on. They saw a way for first things to come first and for everything else – even work – to stay in its place. The commandments have endured because they are a lens through which we can see reality as God sees it. We find out who He is, who we’re made to be, and how the world’s supposed to work. This list of 10 turns out to be a guide to, well… everything. Join us as we look at what these ancient words have to do with life today.

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Reality According to God

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