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Next Time

January 3 2021 - February 21 2021

Change is possible. Jesus is ready and able to transform you. All things are possible with him, and there are simply too many changed lives in the last two thousand years to believe anything less than that. To put it in more practical terms: Next time doesn’t have to go like last time. Maybe last time was bad, really, really bad. Maybe you ruined a relationship or wrecked your finances Maybe you lost your temper or gave in to temptation. Hear this again: Next time doesn’t have to go like last time. Change isn’t automatic, but it’s also not guesswork. As we start this new year, let’s grab hold of the habits and practices that set us up for transformation and success. Let’s let go of the ones that hold us back. Scripture has so much wisdom to guide us. This series is for everyone who’s ever felt stuck. For everyone who’s ever replayed in their head that thing they shouldn’t have said or that mistake they can’t believe they made. This is a series about hope and grace and growth. Next time can be different. Really. So, friends, here’s to next time!

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