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Series: More Than Amazed

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More Than Amazed

August 10 2021 - September 20 2021

What Christians have dared to believe for 2,000 years is not that God exists, but that he is wildly good. The gospel declares that God – the one who made the infinite cosmos – favors you. He’s not mad at you but mad about you! His heart is nothing but love, his affections relentlessly tender. It’s a message that’s preposterous to some, scandalous to others. Folks have debated it for centuries, tried to fix limits around it and add requirements to it. But the truth keeps bursting through the dam – God loves you, no matter what. The word for this is grace. God gives us far more than we deserve. He gives us grace. Perhaps the most well-known hymn in the world says it’s amazing. And it is. We should all be amazed by grace. But not just amazed. Have you been rescued by grace? Strengthened by grace? Transformed by grace? When the truth of grace hits us, it’s not just our mood that changes. It’s our entire lives. Those who’ve received grace, become gracious. Everybody wins. When we’re more than amazed, the world will be too.

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More Than Amazed

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