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Series: Just. Kind. Humble.

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Just. Kind. Humble.

February 13 2023 - February 27 2023

What do I want? It’s hard to say. So much of our lives is spent discerning what’s good, what’s worthwhile, what’s important. We leap from one passion and pursuit to another. Perhaps a better starting point would be this: What does God want? And that’s the question the prophet Micah answers so boldly and clearly that his words endure thousands of years later: What does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. God is not consumed with appearances, not distracted by the trivial or impressed with empty gestures. His concern is not here one day and somewhere else the next. He wants his people to be just, kind, and humble. That’s what’s good. That’s what’s worthwhile. That’s what’s important. Let’s think together about living as just, kind, and humble disciples of Jesus. Let’s think about what each of these look like in our lives today. And most of all, let’s notice how they come together brilliantly in the life of our savior, Jesus.

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