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Series: Encourage: A How-To Guide

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Encourage: A How-To Guide

May 20 2024 - May 27 2024

For better or worse, we affect everyone we meet. On a rough day, our bad mood might rub off on a coworker or we might say something critical that stings a family member. We understand all of that – we know what discourages others because we know what discourages us. But how do we encourage others? That’s sometimes less obvious as we go about our day. In the Bible, encouragement is described as a command, a gift, and a joy. It’s also something we can get better at. I think deep down we all want to be an encouragement. Perhaps we just need a little encouragement in that direction ourselves. In this two-part series we’re going to look at some of the hall of fame encouragers in Scripture to see how they did it and how we can too. Your words and actions have the power to lift people up, to pour courage into them, and to show them a better way.

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