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Series: Bring Everything

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Bring Everything

June 3 2024 - July 8 2024

Do you find yourself praying mostly “polite” prayers? We all know what it’s like to have to watch what we say and do around certain people. With our digital lives, we face 24/7 pressure to craft a certain image or personal brand, filtering what others see of us. We long for authenticity but know it’s not safe to be… too real. And it’s exhausting. Prayer is the escape. We’re made for connection – real connection, not filtered. And there’s no one more trustworthy to whom we could bring our whole self than God. We just need an example, a guide to prayer and worship that’s not so darn polite. Welcome to the psalms. For thousands of years, this collection of 150 prayers, poems, and songs has been an unparalleled guide for authentic prayer and worship. The psalms sing, shout, yell, and cry. Full of gratitude, fear, anger, joy, sorrow, and desperation the psalms are everything but polite. They teach us we don’t have to filter what we say to God or censor who we are. We can bring everything. When we realize that, everything changes. Life with God takes on new freshness, energy, freedom, and joy. Join us for our summer series in the psalms as we encounter incredible examples of unfiltered worship and uncensored prayer. Learn how to come to God without holding back. Truly bring everything.

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