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Old. New. Big. Little.

Spiritual growth isn’t automatic. But it isn’t guesswork either.

We are people shaped by habits. And that’s important to remember whenever life feels out of control.

For example – Ever notice how noisy & chaotic life can be? What if you knew just what to do to tune out the noise and quiet your soul? What if you could turn to this habit as naturally as you reach for your favorite sweatshirt in a cold room? That one, little thing would be life-changing.

Spiritual disciplines – or practices – are small, intentional habits that help us face everything life throws at us. They are small things that make a huge difference over time, nudging us into the image of Christ. And they are time-tested, things that have worked for people around the world for thousands of years.

In our current series, we’re asking, “What are the most needed practices in our world today?” The smallest habits that would make the biggest difference? Each week we’ll give contemporary expression to classic spiritual disciplines and invite you to practice something small that might just be huge for you.

You can be more connected to God, friends, and even your body and mind. All it takes is a little practice.

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