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Joy is a Mindset

by John Hawkins | Recovering Joy

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Recovering Joy

It’s so easy to dismiss the idea of joy. Who’s got the time for it? We’re busy surviving from one day to the next. Sure, it’d be nice to have it, but we get along okay as is, and, frankly, we’re not sure we’re cut out for it.

Joy is always something for another time or another person, isn’t it? Someone who’s got a better life than you would be joyful. Or sometime other than the present, a time when there’s no pandemic or financial worries, that would be a time for joy. But you? Now? No way.

We imagine joy as this rare jewel we haven’t yet discovered or this massive purchase we haven’t saved up for or this wonderful reward we’ll never earn.

What we have forgotten is that joy is a gift of God. Neither a matter of temperament nor circumstance, it’s ours for the taking. And if we said yes to this gift, how much better our lives would be!

In knowing God, we encounter a joy that can carry us through anything and everything. It is the fuel our hearts were meant to run on. And they really can, again. Join us for our new series Recovering Joy where we’ll walk through the letter of Philippians and take joy seriously.

Joy is for you. Now is the time. God is the one.

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