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How we help kids love God and others

Imagine if every Sunday helped your kids love God, themselves, and others.

KidsView is ClearView for kids! Every Sunday we offer age-appropriate children’s environments that are safe, friendly, and wildly creative. Each room is led by a team of volunteers who are screened, trained, and passionate about what they do.

Sunday is just the start! Our goal is to partner with parents by offering clear, creative, and age-appropriate Bible lessons and take-homes that act as catalysts for teachable moments throughout the week.

Growing Faith Through Fun

Making the Most of Sundays


Infants & Toddlers – For the youngest among us, we offer an attended nursery that’s clean and caring. Check-in and drop-off your child when you arrive.

Children’s Worship

Preschool and elementary ages also check-in as you arrive, but worship with parents until dismissed midway through the gathering. This teaches them they are just as much part of the church as anyone else. It also creates a shared family experience that parents come to treasure.

Currently we host the following KidsView environments:

  • Red Team: Pre-K and K

  • Yellow Team: 1st-5th

KidsView uses storytelling, games, and activities to teach a different Bible story each week, building on a monthly theme and memory verse. When you check-in, you’ll receive a Parent Cue that tells you what your child is learning and how you can keep talking about it through the week. We hope Sunday is a catalyst for moments of connection and growth throughout the week!

Family Ministry


By family ministry, we mean an intentional partnership of church and home to build faith and Christ-like character in children and students.

Beliefs/Working Assumptions:

  • Nothing matters more than someone’s relationship with God.
  • No one has more potential to influence children than parents.
  • No one has more potential to influence parents than the church.
  • There are two powerful influences in the world: church and home. Both are from God, and they are meant to work together.
    • Church: uniquely able to model God’s goodness to the world
    • Home: uniquely able to model for children the love and character of God


Partnering with parents–by giving parents practical ways to follow-up on what their children are learning, by creating shared parent/child experiences, and by giving parents skills and confidence as they influence their children spiritually–exponentially amplifies the impact of our ministry to children and students. For example, a seven year-old may spend only 40 hours per year with us, but will spend around 3,000 hours with a parent.

It just makes sense to spend our time thinking about those 3,000 hours, and not just our 40. We want parents to understand the big picture of what their children are learning and experiencing in our ministry, but we also want to encourage them as they encounter countless everyday opportunities to teach and influence their kids.

We see ourselves not as experts but as partners, and, likewise, we see parents not as consumers of our programs but as partners in this mission.

KidsView FAQ

How will I know what my kids are learning? How can I follow-up through the week?

Great question. Usually they’re so excited, they’ll tell you! Also, when you check-in for KidsView you’ll receive what we call a Parent Cue. These take-homes tell you the lesson, big idea, and memory verse along with creative suggestions for you and your child to explore the lesson further throughout the week! This means the best part of KidsView may be what happens afterward!

What if my child doesn’t want to go to KidsView?

Children are always welcome in the gathering! Sometimes it takes a while for a child to feel comfortable in a new environment. Understanding that, we offer activity bags for any children who would prefer to stay in the gathering with their parent. Just stop by KidsView check-in to pick one up!

Why do you place so much emphasis on “partnering with parents?” I’ve heard you use that phrase a lot.

We see parents as the #1 influence in a child’s life, so everything we do is designed to help you play that role in their spiritual development. If we teach something, we’re going to make sure that you know what it is and how to follow-up. If we plan an event, we’re going to make sure it strengthens the relationship you have with your child. This is our approach to family ministry, and you can read more about it by clicking on the family ministry tab.

May I stay in the nursery or room with my child?

For the safety of all, our children’s spaces are for kids and volunteers only. Please see the KidsView Coordinator for any special needs or concerns. We will text you or find you in the gathering if needed. If you would like a private spot for nursing or diaper-changing, a mom-child bathroom is available upstairs.

What about Pick-Up?

When your child is checked-in, you will be given a parent tag with a security code matching the one on your child’s name tag. Until our volunteers get to know you, they will ask to see this tag when you pick-up your child at the door of their room, upstairs, after the gathering. Only a parent or high school age sibling with a tag will be allowed to pick-up.

What about older children (middle/high school)?

Middle and high school students are fully engaged as part of our worship gatherings. Many choose to volunteer in one capacity or another, but the opportunity to worship and learn along with their parents is a powerful shared-experience. Our Student Ministry creates regular opportunities for them to grow and have fun together throughout the week. We’d love to tell you more about ClearView Student Ministry.

If you think of anything else you’d like to know, don’t hesitate to contact us.