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How we do church

We focus on less to accomplish more.

We ask every member to prioritize three spiritual habits:

Gatherings, Groups, and Good. 

Why do we ask these three things of you?

Because we believe these rhythms of life give God a lot of room to work.

Gatherings remind us God is worthy of our trust. Groups provide a way to move beyond the superficial with really good friends. And doing good – even the smallest of good deeds – helps us live with the eyes of Jesus.

If you’ll practice these 3 things, we believe you’ll grow closer to Christ. For 2,000 years, Christians have lived and breathed nothing more and nothing less – loving God, loving others, and serving the world.


Every Sunday we gather for a time of worship, communion, and teaching. While church is much more than what happens during one hour a week, these shared experiences cut through the clutter of life and connect us to God.


We are better together. And yet, life often pulls us away from others. A group is a shared space and rhythm to keep relationships front and center, a habit where faces become friends. Really connect with others – and with God – as you share meals, prayers, and conversations.


Beyond gatherings and groups, we encourage you to do good. Much of discipleship happens in unscheduled moments – spending time with a loved one, hugging your child, praying, reading scripture, being a good neighbor, and serving your community. We avoid over-scheduling you so that whatever good is on your heart, you’ll have the time to go for it!