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Investing in ClearView’s Future

Announcing the Future Fund


We’re thrilled to announce that a future fund has been opened for those looking to invest in ClearView’s future. This savings fund is in anticipation of all that God has ahead for us as we continue to grow, worship, and serve together.

Ten years ago, we started ClearView believing everyone deserves to see Jesus clearly. Today we’re even more passionate about that calling, as we’ve seen each year the difference it makes –

Seeing Jesus changes everything. (And everyone.)

You may give toward the Future Fund in person, online, and by mail. If the entire amount is for the Future Fund, please designate it “Future.” If you wish for your donation to be divided, part for regular use and part for the Future Fund, you can include instructions with the donation or by email to, where a member of our finance team will respond.

Click the button below to access online giving options and be sure to designate “Future.”