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What Are We Working For?

Vocation and the Great Resignation


Let’s talk about work. Whether in an office, factory, or field, you’ll spend a third of your life at work. How do you feel about that? Increasingly, the answer seems to be, “Not great, Bob!”

In November – the most recent month for which we have data – 4.5 million Americans voluntarily quit their jobs. And while that’s a record, it’s also the cap to a year-long trend. 2021 is being called the year of the “Great Resignation” with 38 million and counting calling it quits.

What’s going on? Obviously it’s about wages and opportunities. And obviously it’s about the pandemic. But what if it’s also more? What if we’re in the middle of a “Great Reconsideration” of what we do and why we do it?

If that’s the case, then the help we need might be in the last place we’d think to look – the Bible. The Bible tells us all about work – its value and its limits. The Bible tells the story of a God who works, a God who gives us work to do not as a punishment but as a calling.

But it also tells the story of how our work is frustrated and frustrating. It tells us why satisfaction is elusive and trying to build your identity around your work never, well…, works. 

Your work matters – for you, for others, for the Kingdom of God. So grab your red stapler & your ‘world’s best boss’ mug and join us as we reclaim the idea of vocation and answer the question on everyone’s mind – “What are we working for?”


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