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Create community in a group this fall!

What’s the best part of church? At ClearView, we love a good Sunday, but the friendships and support we find between Sundays are even better.

Community is the best part, and you can help us create community by forming a new group this fall! That’s right, you can help others discover the best part of the life God has in mind for them!

Groups are where faces become friends. Meeting 3x per month, fall-spring, a group is a chance to really connect – sharing meals, laughs, concerns, encouragement, and deep conversation. A group is a shared space and a shared rhythm where God blesses us with great, life-giving friendships.

We’re looking for volunteers to lead or co-lead a group this fall. So, if you agree that community is the best part, sign up below and we’ll share all the tips and tricks so you can lead a terrific group.

Choose: Two Types of Groups to Lead

  • Rooted Groups: For those new to ClearView or new to groups, Rooted groups provide a foundational understanding of our mission to follow Jesus and grow in him.
  • Home Groups: For everyone else (i.e. those who’ve completed the Rooted study), Home Groups are the next step, with all-new video teaching for 2022 to get the discussion going!