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The Start of Something Great

When and Where?

July 8-10 (Thurs & Fri, 6-8 p.m., Sat 9 a.m.-12p.m.)

LSUS, University Center

Dinner included Thurs & Fri, lunch on Sat. (No cost.)

What is Catalyst?

Catalyst is a learning environment for kids around 3rd-6th grades, a group for kids who are at a milestone, those ready to think about what being part of the church means for them. 

Our goal is to explain what we do together as a church – Why are these particular things meaningful to Christians? – and invite them to thoughtfully share in these habits as well. 

Catalyst is also a shared parent-child experience. A parent/guardian will be part of the group with each child, giving chances to talk 1 on 1 about each of the topics. (Yes, you and your spouse can alternate days or both attend. Yes, you may bring more than one child if both are interested and within the intended age range. No, you may not bring siblings younger or older than the intented age range.)

What will we discuss?

Baptism. The Bible. Communion. Prayer.

We want to explain the roots of these practices and why – of all things – these are the ones we spend time doing each Sunday. All four connect us to Jesus in a real way, and we want to explicitly invite the next generation to understand and meaningfully participate in them with us.

Is my child ready for Catalyst?

With this small group, intensive format, we’re excited to go into more depth than is possible on any given Sunday in KidsView. Kids we hope to see at Catalyst include those who are asking thoughtful questions about the Bible, church and faith, those considering baptism, those ready to transition from KidsView to “big church” on Sundays, and older kids who maybe need to fill in a few gaps to better appreciate worship.

We hope Catalyst is the start of a great personal faith and a great love of the church for everyone who participates.

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